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Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas – 6 Tips to Increase Space & Light

Are you sick of having a bathroom that feels more like a cubby hole? It’s a complaint that we hear over and over from our Luton customers. They know space is limited but want us to come up with some ideas for maximising the light and airiness.

The Simply Plumbing team is used to applying their creativity to spaces offering limited possibilities. For those of your looking for inspiration, we’ve come up with 6 small bathroom ideas, offering practical, stylish, and perfectly proportioned solutions.

1. Install a Glass Shower Door

Closing off space in a small bathroom is a mistake; it just makes it seem small and more cramped. A frameless glass shower door, by contrast, opens up the bathroom and makes it feel larger. Plus, the glass is a great reflector, so it helps you to flood your bathroom space with natural light.

2. Hide Your Plumbing

Proud as the Simply Plumbing team is of their plumbing skills, hiding your bathroom pipes is a great way to grow the sense of space in your bathroom. We love the look of a ‘floating sink’ with taps that are wall mounted. Whilst you need a stud wall to achieve this – which loses you a few inches – the effect is one of space gained.

3. Think Wet Room Rather Than Bathroom

A wet room design offers continuous visuals because the space isn’t broken up by a bath, or shower tray. The expanse of uninterrupted floor is very stylish, and immediately makes the space seem larger. Add in a glass shower screen that folds back to make the most use of the space that’s suddenly available to you.

4. Make Use of Alcoves

As small bathroom ideas go, this is amongst the simplest; use recesses rather that shelves that jut out in order to grow the space available. Not only do they stop bangs to the head and elbows, they also streamline your storage space. And a shower alcove is so stylish that you’ll want to throw out your old toiletries and keep the look minimal.

5. Thought About Panelling?

If you want elegance, airiness, and height in your small bathroom, panelling is a great solution. The trick is to draw the eyes up, which creates the illusion of height and space. If you don’t fancy panelling, you might consider wallpaper with vertical stripes as this will do the job just as well.

6. Wall-Mounted Vanity Units

Allowing your vanity unit to float, rather than attaching it to the floor, creates new space underneath and opens up the room. Same goes for the toilet. Choose compact designs and watch the transformation when your flooring reaches right to the walls, rather than being broken up by bathroom units.

About Simply Plumbing

About Simply Plumbing

For more than 10 years now, Simply Plumbing has been providing local plumbing services for customers in Luton and South Bedfordshire. We’re an independent plumbing business with a professional team and very high standards. We fit out bathrooms, wet rooms and showers – of all sizes – so you‘re guaranteed a stylish bathroom with perfect plumbing!


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