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Save Money on Water Bills

Save Money on Water Bills

8 Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bills

The average household water bill for the year 2021/22 is £408 over the year, or £34 a month. It’s probably not the highest of your utility bills, but I know from my clients across South Beds that any tips that save money on water bills are welcome. In this blog the Simply Plumbing team has come up with 8 ways to reduce your water usage – you’ll see your bills go down, and you’ll be doing your bit for the planet, too.

1. Switch to a Water Meter

60% of households in the UK currently receive standard billing for their water, based on their ‘rates’. This means that you’re paying for estimated usage, rather than the actual water you use. If you switch to a water meter, where you’ll only pay for what you use, you could save a substantial amount each month.


2. Get Your Dripping Taps Fixed

You may no longer notice the drip, drip, drip of that tap, but it’s a waste of water and your money. Getting your taps fixed isn’t a big job and it won’t cost you a fortune. Your home will feel a more peaceful place without the dripping, and you should see a decrease in your bills too. It’s a win, win!


3. Jump in the Shower

Most people don’t know how much water is involved in taking a shower, or a bath. Ready for the shocking facts?

  • A bath holds around 80 litres of water – costing around 40p
  • An 8 minute shower uses 60 litres of water – costing around 30p

Not much in it, you’re thinking – but look at it over the year and you’re saving £40 on your water bill by showering each day instead of taking the bath.


4. Turn the Tap Off When Brushing Your Teeth

In the course of just 60 seconds a 1 litre of water is washed down the plughole from a running tap. Most of us keep the tap running when we’re brushing out of habit, or to save us turning on and off throughout the process. Make a new habit; only have the tap running when you’re using it.


5. Get a Washing-Up Bowl

If you wash up at the sink, using a bowl of water is far more economical than let the tap run. Sure, you’ll need to use the tap to rise the dishes after they’ve been cleaned in the bowl, but still the difference in water usage is significant – and you’ll see its impact on your bills.


6. Take a Look at How You Use Your Washing Machine

What are your washing machine habits? Do you wait till you’ve got a full load, or simply wash as you go? Using your washing machine wisely can save on water and bills.

  • Use the half load setting whenever possible
  • Wash at low temperatures to maximise load sizes
  • Where possible wait till you have a full load to put in

7. Be Frugal With the Flush

Every time you flush your toilet, 13 litres of water gushes through your cistern. Sometimes multiple flushes are unavoidable but think about where you can minimise usage. Maybe overnight is a good time to limit flushes? Or when there’s no solid matter to get rid of? Finally, avoid putting anything down the toilet that requires multiple flushes to get rid of it.


8. Get a New Shower

I know you’ll think this is a scheme to drum up work for Simply Plumbing, but bear with me. It’s now possible to install water efficient showers. This reduces the standard 60 litre usage for a shower down to 40 litres. So you save money on water bills without even noticing a difference in your shower experience.

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