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Low Water Pressure in Bathroom

Low Water Pressure in Bathroom

Why is the Water Pressure Low in my Bathroom?

An invigorating shower, or a long soak in the bath can cure a multitude of life’s problems. Unless you suffer from low water pressure, in which case half-filled baths and trickling showers just add to them. The Simply Plumbing team get questions about low water pressure in the bathroom all the time. In this blog we look at the causes, and offer solutions you can try.

Testing for Low Water Pressure

We get used to the quirks and oddities of our homes. It could be that you’ve lived with low water pressure for years and only realised it as a problem when trying to install a power shower. There is a simple test to check the water pressure of your taps and shower. All you need is a 1 or 2 litre measuring jug and the stopwatch on your phone.


  • Taps. Place the jug under your tap and turn it on full for exactly 6 seconds. Multiply the amount of water in the jug by 10. This will give you flow rate for your taps. If it’s less than 10 litres, your pressure is low. A flow rate between 10-15 litres is OK but can be improved. Over 15 litres is good.
  • Shower. Place your measuring jug under the shower head and turn it on for 6 seconds. Then turn it off. If you have more than 1 litre of water in your jug the pressure is OK. Less than 1 litre means that the pressure is low and needs attention.

Causes of Low Water Pressure in the Bathroom

There are a number of possible reasons why your water pressure is low. Some can be solved simply, others require a plumber. The Simply Plumbing team have come up with 6 possible causes and their solutions:


1. Limescale Clogging

If you live in a hard water area you are probably used to limescale deposits forming in your kettle. It can also cause problems with your shower head and your taps.


Solution: Regularly clean your taps and shower head to stop limescale deposits from forming.


2. Local Demand

If your family tends to use the shower during a period of high demand – between 6-8.30am – then low pressure could be caused by everyone in your locality doing the same thing.


Solution: Try showering outside the busy period to see if this is the problem. If it is, see if you can change your routine to accommodate local demand.


3. Domestic Demand

If your house is an older property, you may find that your pipes are narrower than in more modern homes. This can cause problems when you try to use a number of appliances at the same time.


Solution: Try using the shower or bathroom taps when nothing else is drawing water off the system. If this is the problem, limit the use of appliances when someone is having a shower.


4. Blocked Pipes

Over time, your water pipes can become blocked as the result of limescale, rust or other blockages. This can limit the flow of water to your bathroom taps or shower.


Solution: You’ll need a plumber to sort this out. They’ll check the pipework and flush out any blockages. You should then experience an immediate increase in your water pressure.


5. Cold Water Tank

If you have a cold water tank in the loft of your property, it needs to be at a certain height to ensure good water pressure. If there’s less than 1 metre between your shower head and the tank, performance will be poor.


Solution: A plumber will be able to advise you on whether the height of your water tank is causing the problem, and suggest appropriate solutions if it is.


6. Obstructed Valve

Low water pressure can be caused by your shut off-valve being closed or obstructed.


Solution: If you know where your shut-off valve is, you can check whether it’s open, closed, or damaged. If it’s broken, you’ll need a plumber to mend or replace it.

Working With Simply Plumbing

Simply Plumbing is based in Luton and provides local plumbing services across the South Bedfordshire region. We’re an independent plumbing business with over 10 years’ experience offering bathroom fitting and repairs, as well as shower installation, repairs and replacements. Whether you’re looking for a simple valve replacement, or you want a solution for low water pressure in the shower, call us and we’ll be on the case, straight away.

If you have low water pressure in the bathroom, call Simply Plumbing today for a prompt solution -01582 250030

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