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How to Find a Local Plumber

How to Find a Local Plumber in Bedfordshire

Expert Tips For Finding a Reliable Local Plumber

Many of the clients we work with at Simply Plumbing have been on quite a journey to find a local plumber before they discover what we can offer. We hear about over-pricing, plumbers simply not turning up for smaller jobs, or shoddy work from people who just don’t have the plumbing skills required. In this guide the Simply Plumbing team offer 8 insider tips on how to find a local plumber in Bedfordshire you can rely on.

What Should A Local Plumber Offer?

The advantage of having a local plumber is that you can depend on them for all your plumbing needs. Local plumbers build a network of long-term customers, so they’re not just interested in making as much money as they can out of one job. Your local plumber should be able to guarantee a swift response to any issues you have, consistently good workmanship, and knowledgeable advice when needed.


In this guide, we’ll explore the various aspects of how to find a good plumber and we’ll highlight the key factors to consider.

Understanding Your Plumbing Needs

Before you start your search for a local plumber, It’s worth taking a bit of time to think about what you are likely to need them to do. There may be a current issue that needs attention, but also think back to call outs you’ve made in the past. Do you have a recurrent issue with your drainage system? Does hard water cause problems for your household? 


Look to the future as well as the past. You may have home improvement plans for the future; in which case you would want a plumber who could offer trusted guidance and advice. Create a brief for the expertise you need from your plumber; it will be a handy guide when making your selection.


How to Find a Local Plumber Guide

  1. Researching Local Plumbers
  2. Assessing Experience and Expertise
  3. Check Qualifications and Insurance
  4. References & Feedback
  5. Transparency in Pricing
  6. Eco-Friendly Plumbing Practices
  7. Emergency Plumbing Services
  8. Good Communicators?

1. Researching Local Plumbers

Search online for a list of local plumbers in your area. If you live in Bedfordshire, it’s worth trying search terms like ‘local plumbers near me’; trusted plumbers South Bedfordshire; ‘best plumbers Luton’ etc. Shortlist the ones that have good quality websites offering information about their services, and a review panel giving feedback from local customers.


In addition to your online search, ask friends, family, and work colleagues for their recommendations. Nothing beats a word-of-mouth referral, and you can use this information to cross-check with your online search.

2. Assessing Experience and Expertise

Experience is important when it comes to choosing your plumber. Someone with qualifications and years of experience has likely encountered a wide range of plumbing issues and developed a variety of reliably effective solutions. When you’re researching, note what kind of issues, or jobs, your plumber spends the majority of their time on. These will be the specialist skills they’ve developed during their work history.

Assessing Experience and Expertise

3. Check Qualifications and Insurance

Your plumber needs to be able to prove they’re qualified to do the work you ask of them. Be up front about asking what qualifications they have, as this will give you a very clear indication of the jobs they can take on for you. It’s also important to check your plumber’s insurance. They should have public liability insurance in order to cover injuries and damages in the work environment.

4. References and Feedback

A reliable local plumber will have no problems providing you with references from their satisfied customers. They’ll also be able to show you case study photos of the work they’ve completed locally. Feedback from customers, which offers an ongoing snapshot of the quality of work and customer service on offer, should come through trustworthy third-party sites such as, or Google Reviews.

5. Transparency in Pricing

No-one wants unpleasant surprises around billing, which is why a professional plumber will provide an up-front quote for your job and consult with you before additional costs are incurred. Your final bill should not come as a surprise. You can expect a detailed breakdown of costs, including labour, materials, and any additional fees. It’s this kind of transparency that helps to build trust as the foundation for a long-term plumbing relationship.

6. Eco-Friendly Plumbing Practices

As we move towards Net Zero, it’s important that every trades person working in your home can help you and your family to live more sustainably. It’s worth prioritising plumbers who are aware of eco-friendly practices, therefore. Ask them for advice on conserving water and find out if they’re using suppliers for whom sustainability is important.

7. Emergency Plumbing Services

You don’t just need a local plumber for the things you can plan in advance. The most important calls you’ll make to them will be when you’re coping with a flood in the house, or a blocked toilet at 7am. Ensure that your plumber can respond promptly to emergency callouts and ask them for details of their emergency pricing.

Emergency Plumbing Services

8. Good Communicators?

You need a plumber who will communicate clearly and promptly with you. The most frustrating experience for customers is when an excellent plumber has to be chased for weeks to get a response to their message. A professional plumber will:

  • Respond promptly.
  • Listen carefully to your concerns.
  • Give you an accurate and reliable time when they can attend.
  • Answer your questions clearly.
  • Provide updates, and plenty of notice if the schedule shifts.
  • Address any issues you have with their work at once.

Simply Plumbing – A Local Plumber in Bedfordshire

Simply Plumbing, is an independent, long-established South Bedfordshire business serving serving Luton, Dunstable, and the broader Bedfordshire area. Throughout our journey, we have garnered recognition as the go-to local plumbing experts, entrusted with addressing plumbing issues, resolving blocked drains, and installing bathroom fixtures. Our unwavering commitment to professionalism, coupled with our steadfast reliability and budget-friendly pricing, underpins our sterling reputation.

We hope you now feel more confident in your knowledge of how to find a local plumber in Bedfordshire. Do put Simply Plumbing on your shortlist and give us a call to find out more about what we do – 01582 250030.

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