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How to Choose a Shower

How to Choose a Shower

How to Choose a Shower – 4 Professional Tips

The Simply Plumbing team fits a lot of showers in Luton and South Bedfordshire. Many of our customers are looking for a sustainable alternative to their bath – a 5-minute shower uses a third of the water required for a soak. Others are future-planning their home and want a more accessible bathroom. Then there’s the customers who are simply not happy with the shower they selected and want a replacement.

There’s a bewildering array of choice when it comes to showers, and it can take quite a bit of effort to get exactly what you need. That’s why the Simply Plumbing team has created a guide to help with how to choose a shower, in the form of 4 professional tips. We hope that you find it useful.

1. When is a Power Shower the Right Option?

It’s certainly NOT the right option if you’re looking for a sustainable alternative. Power showers can use up 136 litres of hot water during a 5 minute scrub, which is twice the amount a bath consumes.


An electric power shower is the perfect solution for homes plagued by low water pressure. The high-power motor, and inbuilt pump will ensure that you enjoy a boost to the pressure you normally experience. Additionally, you can get the temperature exactly right for optimum enjoyment.

2. Which Type of Valve Should You Choose?

There are two types of valve to choose from:


  • Pressure Balance Valve. This has one handle for controlling the temperature of the water and the volume.
  • Thermostatic Shower Valve. This has two handles. There’s one for the temperature and one for the water volume. So, you can change either independently.

If you’re looking for a constant water temperature, and/or the potential of multiple shower heads, the thermostatic shower valve is the better option. It is, however, also the more expensive option.

3. Are Eco Shower Heads a Good Investment?

These are attachments which restrict the volume of water that passes through them. They come in two models:


  • Non-Aerating. These have very small holes which restricts the amount of water that can flow through. The pressure of the water is increased, however, so the resulting shower is like a massaging experience.
  • Aerating. The water is restricted and mixed with air, which makes the flow appear to be higher volume than it actually is. This offers a softer shower experience than that of the non-aerating shower head.

These certainly reduce the consumption of water, but we wouldn’t recommend them for use with electric showers.

4. How Do I Choose the Right Size Shower?

If you’re planning on a new shower enclosure for your bathroom, it’s important to get the size right:


  • For Showers Between Two Walls. The distance between the walls will probably differ between the floor and the ceiling. Take measurements at 3 different points.
  • Corner Shower Enclosure. Measure from the outside of the shower tray to the wall on both sides.
  • What’s the Edging on Your Shower Tray? For square edged trays, you should measure from the edge. For curved edge trays measure from where the curve ends.

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