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Bathroom Fitter Luton

Bathroom Fitter Luton

Should You Hire a Bathroom Fitter, or DIY?

In the UK households tend to change their bathroom design every 7-10 years. The number one reason given for a change is usually updating a bathroom that’s looking tired. After that it’s because of problems with existing fittings, or because the owners are looking to sell their house and they’re looking for value-adds.


So, you’ve taken the plunge and selected your new bathroom. Do you hire a bathroom fitter in Luton, or flex those DIY muscles? There’s a number of factors to consider when making this decision, not least the cost. In this blog the Simply Plumbing team weighs up the pros and cons, based on our experience as South Bedfordshire bathroom fitters.

What’s Your Time Scale?

Bathroom fitting is both labour and time intensive. The old bathroom needs to be ripped out and disposed of. Then the new bathroom installation can begin. As a professional team we know what we’re doing and how long it will take. Once we have a deadline, we stick to it. A DIYer may be working just at weekends or in the evenings – and the job can drag on for months, or even years.


Tip: If you want your bathroom complete to a deadline, get professional bathroom fitters in. Their livelihood and reputations rests on completing the task to a set date.

What’s Your Budget?

A professional bathroom fitter can actually save you money on your new bathroom. If a customer has a set budget, and an idea of what how they want their bathroom to look, we can advise on how to achieve it. We know what things cost, including our time and labour, so we’ll factor it all in together. Start out with a design idea and a trip to a bathroom store and you’re more than likely to go over!


Tip: Work with a professional bathroom fitter to arrive at a bathroom that fits your design requirements and suits your budget.

How Confident Are You?

Bathroom fitters are paid to be experts. We know where the problems may occur, and how to avoid them. If we come across a plumbing issue, we can fix it straight away. The benefit of having a professional on hand is that they’ve seen it all before and will be able to solve most problems without causing a delay. The bathroom is a complex environment to work in; you need confidence based on experience and skills to tackle it.


Tip: If you haven’t fitted a bathroom before, ask your professional fitter if you can work alongside them to learn the skills and build your confidence as a DIYer.

Working With Simply Plumbing

If you’re looking for a bathroom fitter in Luton, give Simply Plumbing a call. We can install a new bathroom for you, but we’re also here for tap replacements, or shower upgrades. Simply Plumbing is an established local plumbing business, and we’re an independent company. Which means we deal with our customers direct, and can offer guaranteed, high-quality work on every job.

Would you like to book in a local bathroom fitter for your dream bathroom? Call Simply Plumbing today on 01582 250030

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