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8 Kitchen Sink Ideas

8 Kitchen Sink Ideas

Start Your Kitchen Remodel With a New Kitchen Sink

Where would you be without your kitchen sink? It’s a hard-working staple which even the dishwasher couldn’t nudge aside. For so long now, the kitchen sink has been seen as the workhorse, whilst we’ve been distracted by our – more glamorous – cookers. Perhaps it’s time to shift the focus and give our sinks the attention they deserve. Let’s start with 8 kitchen sink ideas to inspire and shift perceptions.

What You Need From a Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink will take quite a battering in its lifetime; even the best behaved cook will end up scratching, banging and clattering their sink as they cook. It’s important, therefore, to think carefully about the durability of the material your sink is made of. Other things to think about when planning your sink upgrade are:


  • How big, or small you need your sink to be.
  • The best position for it in your kitchen.
  • The shape that will serve your needs best.
  • The kind of installation type (top-mount, under-mount, or apron-front).

8 Kitchen Sink Ideas

Remember, your new kitchen sink could be the start of a complete kitchen remodel, so think about the design you want for the area around the sink, as well as the sink itself.

1. Timeless Elegance With a Butler’s Sink

The Butler’s Sink, or Belfast Sink, has been used in British kitchens for 4 centuries now. This elegant white, rectangular sink combines ultimate practicality, with minimalist design and a period aesthetic. The Butler sink looks completely at home in period properties – as if it grew there in fact – but its simplicity is guaranteed to complement a contemporary kitchen just as well.

2. Brass Sinks for a Serious Upgrade

If you’re really serious about an upgrade, include brass in your list of kitchen sink ideas. A brand new brass kitchen sink will look amazing; the deep coppery burnish glows, promising far more than somewhere to wash your mugs! Over time though, the brass – which easily scuffs, dents, or scratches will change its appearance and become weathered, or aged in response to its use.

3. Thought About Concrete for Your Sink?

If you’re looking for an edgy, urban aesthetic for your kitchen, the concrete kitchen sink will fit right in. Polished concrete is increasingly popular for kitchen floors and worktops, so what could be better than a sink to match. They come in a variety of colours and finishes (matte, satin, gloss), and will last forever. Concrete is a porous material so ensure that you sink is sealed to make it waterproof.

Thought About Concrete for Your Sink

4. Salvage for Sustainability

If you want a kitchen with a conscience, install a recycled stone sink. These are unlikely to turn up at the local tip, but you will be able to find them at reclamation centres. If you’re terrifically lucky, someone will be throwing one out. Stone sinks will last forever, and the signs of ageing they bring with them will just add to the charm of your kitchen.

5. Stick With Stainless Steel

OK, we’re looking for new kitchen sink ideas, but there’s a reason why most of us grew up with a stainless-steel kitchen sink. They’re hard – wearing, low-maintenance, and excellent value. You won’t need to worry about cracks or chips, and you can place saucepans straight in the basin without worrying about the consequences. Stainless steel sinks come in many sizes and shapes to fit your kitchen.

6. Small Sinks for Small Kitchens

If you’re rethinking the design of a compact kitchen, downsizing your sink could give you more counter space. Install an under-mounted sink made from the same material as worktop and place a stylish draining rack above to keep worktops clear.


7. Add Hammered Copper to Your Kitchen

The copper sink doesn’t give the deep glow of brass, instead it offers a gentler lustre which adds light to your kitchen and provide a warm focus. What makes copper a particularly popular choice is its anti-microbial properties; it has been proven to kill many bacteria on contact.


8. Send the Sink to Your Kitchen Island

In traditional kitchen, working at the kitchen sink tends to be a solitary activity because you’re positioned with your back to the centre of the room. By moving your kitchen sink from the edge to the centre of the room, you make it a place where conversations can take place, and you can work sociably with a companion.

Installing Your Kitchen Sink Upgrade

Once you’ve chosen your new sink, the next stage is to find a local, trustworthy plumber who to install it for you. Simply Plumbing is located in Luton and serves the South Bedfordshire region. We’re an independent business, which means that we can offer a friendly, professional service, whilst keeping our prices affordable.


We’re skilled plumbers who can install taps, kitchen sinks and appliances as part of your newly designed kitchen. We’ll listen to your kitchen sink ideas carefully, offer professional guidance if necessary, and ensure that your sink is installed in such a way as to fulfil your kitchen design as a whole.

Do you have kitchen sinks ideas you would like us to install for you? Call Simply Plumbing today on 01582 250030

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