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5 Energy Saving Tips

5 Energy Saving Tips

5 Energy Saving Tips to Save Money on Your Bills

Global gas prices are through the roof at the moment, and this is also pushing up the price of electricity. Many of our customers are telling us they’re anxious about the winter ahead. Either they’ve been switched to a new supplier as their old one has gone out of business. Or they’re concerned about the hike in their bills which is, on average, 12% for UK households.


So what can be done? We can’t affect the global energy situation, but there are ways we can lessen the amount we pay for our energy. The Simply Plumbing team has come up with 5 energy saving tips. Each one, on its own, won’t save you a fortune, but all together, they’ll make a dent in the prices you pay this winter.

1. Turn Down Your Heating by 1º

Not a popular option, I know, especially if you’re already frugal. But, losing just 1º on your heating temperature could save you around £80 a year. So think about whether you could turn the thermostat down, just a little. It may mean adding another layer when the weather gets really cold, but it’s probably a minor adjustment you could live with.


2. Get Smart With Your Heating

Have you got a smart thermostat yet? They allow you to control the heating in each room of your home, via an app on your phone. So when the house is empty, you can reduce the temperature. If members of the family are away for a few days, you can turn off the heating in their room, and get it nice and cosy for their return.


3. Use a Lower Temperature for Washing Clothes

Running your standard wash at 30º rather than 40º won’t make that much difference to how clean your clothes are. But it will save you money on your bill. Next, count up the number of washes you do each week. Is there any way you could reduce them down? Each weekly wash cycle you can eliminate will save you around £5 on your annual bill.


4. Turn Standby Appliances Off

Standby seems harmless until you clock up the money it’s costing you. The major culprits tend to be TVs, mobile phone chargers, games consoles, laptops and desktops. The Energy Savings Trust  has found that ‘standby’ can cost households up to £80 each year. Get into the habit of turning all your appliances off when not in use.


5. Upgrade Your Boiler and Appliances

If you’re running old tech, it will be costing you an arm-and-a-leg. That’s because each new model sets new standards of energy efficiency. A boiler that was fitted 10-15 years ago is likely to be costing you around 25% more than the latest model. The same goes for washing machines, fridges, freezers and dishwashers. An A+++ upgrade will start saving you money on your energy bills immediately.

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