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5 Different Types of Toilets

5 Different Types of Toilets

5 Stylish Toilets to Transform Your Bathroom Remodel

Thinking about giving your bathroom a makeover? You’re not alone! Recent research shows a 71% surge in homeowners planning a bathroom remodel. For participating homeowners, the main reasons for change were enhanced aesthetics and functionality, creating a space that’s beautiful, relaxing, and enjoyable to spend time in.


But amidst the excitement of shower upgrades and basin browsing, the toilet often gets overlooked. The Simply Plumbing bathroom fitters, are here to change that! Forget boring traditional toilets. Today’s models are no longer just functional; instead, they offer a stunning array of styles and features to complement your unique vision for your South Bedfordshire bathroom.


Whether you’re a sustainability champion, a design aficionado, or simply seeking space-saving solutions, there’s the perfect toilet design awaiting you. Let’s dive into 5 different types of toilets  that will elevate your bathroom remodel:

1. The Sleek Minimalist Toilet

Forget clunky porcelain anchored to the floor. A wall-mounted model redefines what a toilet can be. It makes even the smallest space feel delightfully spacious, and the hidden tank, tucked away behind the wall, vanishes the visual clutter, leaving behind a sleek, streamlined silhouette. This uncluttered design minimises germ-harbouring areas, making cleaning simple.


For anyone concerned about the bathroom soundtrack reaching unintended audiences, the wall-mounted technology keeps the sounds contained. This model is a statement piece, demonstrating your appreciation for clean lines, functionality, and modern living.

2. The Dual-Flush Sustainable Solution

The Dual-Flush Sustainable Solution

Concerned about water conservation? Then consider the dual-flush toilet, a practical and sustainable upgrade for your bathroom. Forget the wasteful “one size fits all” approach. This innovative technology empowers you to choose the right flush for the need, minimising water usage without compromising performance.


Here’s how it works:


  • Dual-flush valves offer two options: a full flush for solid waste and a half flush for liquids. This simple distinction translates to a dramatic reduction in water consumption, up to 79% compared to traditional toilets.
  • Think about the impact: Did you know a standard toilet can guzzle the equivalent of your monthly drinking water in just a day? Opting for a dual-flush toilet significantly reduces your household’s water footprint, contributing to a healthier planet and smaller water bills.
  • No sacrifice on performance: Don’t worry about efficiency compromising effectiveness. Dual-flush toilets are engineered to handle both full and half flushes efficiently, ensuring proper waste removal without unnecessary water usage.
  • Modern and versatile: Beyond their eco-friendly credentials, dual-flush toilets come in a variety of styles and designs to complement any bathroom aesthetic. From sleek contemporary models to classic silhouettes, finding the perfect fit for your space is easy.

3. The Timeless Two-Piece – A Versatile Choice

The two-piece toilet is a popular bathroom staple for good reason. Its classic silhouette combines unmatched practicality with cost-effective appeal, making it a popular choice for homeowners seeking both style and value. The separate tank and bowl design simplify installation and upkeep. Accessing the tank for repairs is much easier than dealing with one-piece models.


Two-piece toilets typically boast lower upfront costs, plus, the modular design allows for future upgrades, like swapping out the tank for a newer model without replacing the entire unit. There’s plenty of different styles to choose from and you can experiment with different tank and bowl combinations to create a truly unique look.


Modern two-piece toilets offer water-saving features like dual flush mechanisms or low-flow technology, helping you reduce your environmental footprint without compromising performance.

4. The High-Level Cistern: Adding Historic Flair to Your Bathroom

4. The High-Level Cistern

For those seeking a touch of traditional elegance in their bathroom, the high-level cistern offers a distinctive solution. This classic design features a cistern mounted high on the wall, typically around two metres, controlled by a chain pull. Available in a variety of period styles, including Victorian and Edwardian, it complements historical settings and adds a unique character to any bathroom.


Here’s what makes the high-level cistern so special:


  • High-level cisterns are recognisable elements of historical bathroom design. Their elevated position and chain pull mechanism contribute to a distinct visual character, offering a departure from standard, close-coupled models.
  • When paired with matching basins and other period-appropriate elements, high-level cisterns effectively reinforce the desired historical feel of a bathroom. They integrate perfectly into Victorian or Edwardian settings.
  • While commonly associated with traditional settings, high-level cisterns can also be incorporated into modern bathrooms with vintage accents. Their distinctive form can add an interesting design element, even in contemporary spaces.

5. Exploring Compact Toilets

Bathrooms often face space constraints. That’s where compact toilets come in, offering ingenious solutions without sacrificing comfort or functionality. These space-savers optimise every inch, typically reducing the pan and cistern sizes while maintaining user comfort. This clever engineering frees up valuable floor space, perfect for smaller bathrooms, ensuites, or even cloakrooms.


Don’t underestimate the variety! Compact toilets come in a range of contemporary and traditional styles, from sleek geometric forms to classic silhouettes. You’ll find options to complement any bathroom aesthetic, ensuring both space-saving practicality and design appeal.


Types of Compact Toilets:


  • Short projection toilets. These models minimise the distance the pan protrudes from the wall, ideal for maximising floor space in tight corners.
  • Wall-mounted toilets. The ultimate space-saver, these models hang from the wall, completely freeing up floor space and creating a clean, uncluttered look.
  • Corner toilets. Specifically designed for tight corners, these compact toilets utilise every inch of available space for maximum efficiency.
  • Close-coupled toilets. While not as space-saving as wall-mounted options, close-coupled models with shorter projections offer a compromise between size and affordability.

Working With Simply Plumbing

Whether you’re refitting your entire bathroom or just replacing your toilet, our professional bathroom fitters can help. Simply Plumbing is located in Luton and serves the South Bedfordshire region. We’re an independent business, established for over a decade which means that we can offer a friendly, professional service, whilst keeping our prices affordable.


We fit out bathrooms, or downstairs cloakrooms and we guarantee high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

Have we inspired your toilet choice? Would you like to talk to us about installing a toilet? Call Simply Plumbing today on 01582 250030

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